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PIATA Awards Gala – 10th edition

Carrefour Romania won the Grand Prix for the best retailer while Unilever South Central Europe received the one for the best supplier during the 10th edition of PIATA Awards which mai mult…

EXPRA Information update, June 2014

Source: Expra – Czech landfilling BAN expected to become law; – France to introduce BAN single-use bags by 2016; – Commission answers questions MEP on intentions for plastic waste; – mai mult…

Climate change in Antartica

The source: The collapse of this sector of West Antarctica appears to be unstoppable. The fact that the retreat is happening simultaneously over a large sector suggests it was triggered by mai mult…

Eco-Rom Ambalaje Mission Statement

 “Our mission is to recycle waste packaging so that you can fully enjoy the liberty of choosing your desired packaging solution for the products you produce or sell.

We find solutions to overcome all barriers and obstacles along the packaging cycle, thus bringing our contribution to the development of your company.”

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3.056 companies have transferred recovery responsibilities to Eco-Rom Ambalaje
9,4 million people have access to the separate collection infrastructure provided by Eco-Rom Ambalaje
376.094 tons of waste has been recycled via Eco-Rom Ambalaje in 2014

UntitledEver since 2004, Eco-Rom Ambalaje has constantly expanded the portfolio of services provided to its clients while. At the same time, the company made substantial efforts to build a national, sustainable and efficient system capable to support and enable the achievement of recycling and recovery targets for Romanian industry and state authorities.

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