About us

ECO – ROM AMBALAJE is an organization established by the industry in 2003 operating as an interface in fulfilling a public interest mission: protecting the environment while meeting all packaging recovery and recycling targets.

According to a responsibility takeover contract, Eco-Rom Ambalaje, on behalf of producers and importers of packaged products, commits to achieve all recovery and recycling targets for the packaging introduced on the market.

In 2004, the organization becomes operational.

The same year Eco-Rom Ambalaje emerged actively on the European market as the representative of  Romanian industry within PRO Europe, the umbrella organization gathering the expertise of 31 national organizations engaged in the selective collection and recycling of packaging waste, as well as the technical competences of more 130,000 waste management companies.

Between 2005-2013, following investments in the separate collection infrastructure and based on partnerships with local authorities and sanitation operators, Eco-Rom Ambalaje has developed a unitary collection system servicing 400 de localities in Romania.

Presently, more than 2,680 companies in Romania (producers and importers of packaged goods, producers and importers of sales packaging, retailers) have transferred their packaging recycling responsibilities to Eco-Rom Ambalaje, and over 200 waste management companies have signed collaboration partnerships with the organization.

  •  75% of Romania’s obligations to the European Union are carried out by Eco-Rom Ambalaje.
  •  All legally established objectives for 2004 – 2013 have been successfully reached.
  •  9 million Romanians have access to the separate collection system provided by Eco-Rom Ambalaje.

 The acquired national experience and international expertise, as member of EXPRA (Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance), ISWA (International Solid Waste Association), and Pro Europe (Packaging Recovery Organization Europe) have defined Eco-Rom Ambalaje as an indisputable expert in the packaging and packaging waste management field.

Misiunea Eco-Rom Ambalaje

“Misiunea noastra este reciclarea deseurilor de ambalaje astfel incat Dumneavoastra sa va bucurati de deplina libertate in alegerea solutiilor de ambalare pentru produsele pe care le produceti si comercializati.

Noi lucram pentru a elimina orice bariera sau restrictie pe intreg lantul ambalajului contribuind astfel la dezvoltarea afacerii Dumneavoastra.”

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UntitledInca din anul 2004, concomitent cu eforturile depuse in construirea unui sistem national durabil si performant capabil sa asigure si sa garanteze industriei romanesti precum si autoritatilor statului atingerea obiectivelor legale de valorificare si reciclare, Eco-Rom Ambalaje a dezvoltat constant portofoliul de servicii oferite clientilor sai. citeste mai mult

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